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Weekly Digest: May 21, 2016

Photo courtesy: Catstar Images (my picture) How’s your week been? I’m getting pumped for WordCamp, which is now only a week away. If you’re in Calgary, and you want to geek out over WordPress, I hope to see you there. Let’s get into the weekly... read more

7 Habits of Happy Successful Entrepreneurs

Habits are an essential part of our lives. They influence both our professional and personal lives, and form a key aspect of who we are. What makes some entrepreneurs happier and more successful than others? Habits are a key factor. Here are seven habits of happy successful entrepreneurs.

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Weekly Digest: May 14, 2016

Another week has come to a close, but it’s been a very productive one for me. April was rather relentless in its assault of ongoing work, but so far this month I’ve been able to make some huge progress on TME projects (the results of which you may not see... read more

David has his finger on the pulse of what it means to be a musician in this day and age. He is optimistic without being impractical. He says everything that everybody should be saying on the subject but isn’t. You would be doing yourself a disservice not reading his words.

Corey Koehler

Entrepreneur, Musicgoat

David Andrew Wiebe

David Andrew Wiebe


David Andrew Wiebe is the founder of The Music Entrepreneur and the author of The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, and Thriving in the Information Age. Read more…

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