Episode 34In episode 34 of the David Andrew Wiebe Interviews and Music Business Podcast, David Andrew Wiebe and Anna Mae Alexander take a look back at year 2012. The bulk of the episode encompasses social media, Twitter, Facebook and multipotentialites.

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#034: 2012 in Review Part 1 In Summary

It feels good to be back… And I assure you our absence has not been due to a lack of content. For example, you might have noticed that I was making monthly updates for 2012. Those don’t end in May; they go all the way to December.

Nope, it’s mostly been due to a change in focus and career in my life. It’s really been more of a shift in ratio: I used to do more music than online marketing, and I now do more online marketing than music. It’s been cool because I’ve had the opportunity to put a lot of accumulated knowledge about online marketing into practice (I work at TuneCity now in case you missed that).

Obviously it has also meant less time to work on projects that I want to (like this show, for example). However, when you make a point of fitting the big stuff in your schedule first, there’s always some time left for the little stuff. For example, I actually completed the first draft for my e-book last month.

Regardless, there are more great episodes coming.

Author: David Andrew Wiebe

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