DAWCast: Music Entrepreneurship - Episode 40 with Christopher KnabIn this episode, David Andrew Wiebe interviews music consultant and author Christopher Knab from FourFront Media & Music. This interview provides insights into the structure of today’s music industry.

Christopher Knab – FourFront Media & Music

Christopher Knab is a music business consultant based in Seattle. He’s the owner of FourFront Media and Music, a service that helps musicians develop their marketing and career plans.

He has also written a large number of articles for The Music Biz Academy, which was started by solo pianist and composer David Nevue, who authored How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet.

Music Biz Academy features a large database of articles that were written with independent musicians in mind. Everything from entry-level issues, career development, retail and digital distribution, radio promotion, podcasting, record labels, to contracts, music law, copyright, promotion, publicity, songwriting, publishing, live performance and other subjects have been discussed in detail.

When David Andrew Wiebe was first learning about music marketing and online business, he cut his teeth on the previously mentioned resources.

Show Notes:

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