#043: Lewis David Levin Interview - L&L Production Group and Shakti Deva

In episode 43 of DAWCast: Music Entrepreneurship, David Andrew Wiebe and Anna Mae Alexander interview Lewis David Levin of L&L Production Group and

Levin Provides insights into the spiritual and philosophical, and how our mindset can affect the outward manifestations we experience in life.

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Lewis David Levin Interview

This episode of the podcast features the most talk on spirituality and how it affects our outer world since episode 6 and episode 11 of the show. Levin provides valuable insights into the value of serving others, and why self-serving projects are still valid as an artist.

According to Levin, earning a living in music is a challenging – if not an impossible – task. The world isn’t necessarily friendly to musicians or creative people, as the work we do is often seen as self-serving. However, it is welcomed when it serves and adds value to others.

People are creative beings, and you can’t stop people from creating. The urge to create is God-given. How we channel and shape that creativity is up to us. We can choose what we do with it.

Artists can’t fake who they are. They have to be true to themselves if they want their artistic expression to resonate. They can’t force themselves to be something they are not. When artists are true to who they are, they can find the careers and fulfillment they are looking for.

Music is a business, and many artists don’t understand this reality. This does not mean that business should be embraced, but artists hoping to achieve success need to know this if they want to position themselves to achieve stardom.

There has never been a better time to be an artist. Artists can use whatever distribution channels they want to get their music out there, which gives everyone a level playing field. Anybody can find their 15 minutes of fame if they are willing to work at it.

If you can be creative and serve others, you will be successful. There will be much gratification in it. Nevertheless, it can be hard to find that balance.

The age we live in requires us to continually learn and to grow. No one can rest on their laurels. We all have to challenge ourselves and continue to go to school every single day.

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