Looking for a few free music marketing tips, are you?

I’m glad to see that, because there’s nothing quite as crucial to a musician’s success than marketing.

How does a musician stand out from the crowd, cut through the noise, and separate themselves from the competition?

In one word, marketing.

Branding yourself, targeting an audience, getting your music out into the world, and measuring your promotional efforts so you can streamline and improve upon your strategies as you go.

The measuring part is often forgotten, but is extremely important. If you can’t track what you’re doing, how will you ever know what’s working, and how will you ever tailor your efforts towards what is getting you the most exposure?

If you can measure your marketing, you can cut off what isn’t working, and do more of what is working.

Not a revolutionary idea by any means, just one that doesn’t get as much coverage as it should.

Look, what works for you doesn’t always work for others, and vice versa. I don’t know why that is, but if you’re serious about this marketing business, you better be prepared to try a lot of different things and even fail at times.

My new eBook, 11 Free Music Marketing Tips for Musicians covers all this and a lot more.

I’ll tell you what; I’ll share these 11 tips with you right now, but I guarantee that you’re going to get more out of them if you download the eBook + audio guide (download button is at the bottom of this post; and yes, you can grab this resource for free if you so choose).

The 11 tips are:

  1. Know Who You Are & What You’re About
  2. Sell Value First, Then Product
  3. Bundle & Discount
  4. Make A Simple Online Marketing Plan
  5. Build Your Email List & Cross-Promote
  6. Build Your Online Presence Around Your Website
  7. Focus Your Social Media Efforts
  8. Write An Effective Bio
  9. Don’t Shy Away From Paid Advertising
  10. Learn To Track & Measure Your Marketing
  11. You Are Always Marketing; Act Like It

Why 11 tips? Because it’s a lot less trite than 10!

What you do next is totally up to you. You can take what I’ve shared with you here and go on with your day. Maybe that’s all you really needed.

However, I would encourage you to invest in yourself and download this guide. It will only take a minute, and you only have to donate money if you want to. Just enter a “0” into the “Name a price” section, click on “I want this!”, and then enter your email address to claim this resource as your own.

Click on the image below to get started:

11 Free Music Marketing Tips for Musicians

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Author: David Andrew Wiebe

David Andrew Wiebe has built an extensive career in songwriting, live performance, recording, session playing, production work, investing, and music instruction. In addition to helping musicians unlock their full potential, he also continues to maintain a touring schedule with multiple bands.