20 Ways to Grow Your Podcast Audience
David Andrew Wiebe discusses 20 ways to grow your podcast audience. If you are looking to increase your listenership, consider applying these 20 strategies.

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience

The 20 methods for podcast growth are outlined below:

  1. Add value: provide valuable content for your audience.
  2. Find a niche: be as specific as possible. Or, mix two niches together to come up with unique content.
  3. Define your target demographic: carefully consider what their needs are. Try to create content that serves them and helps them.
  4. Set goals: if you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get there. Period.
  5. Promote your show: Cliff Ravenscraft recommends a 30% content 70% promotion ratio. You still have to make great content, but you need to figure out how to get your show out there.
  6. Be entertaining: this is not college radio. Get comfortable talking.
  7. Be enthusiastic: show some passion.
  8. Prepare: be willing to spend as much time as it requires to prepare for each show.
  9. Engage your community: your community is the reason your show exists. Involve them!
  10. Use user feedback on your show: read emails or feature audio comments.
  11. Thank your community: gratitude precedes gratification. Always be thankful for your audience.
  12. Connect with industry people: they know more than you do; especially if they’ve been around a while. Leverage their expertise.
  13. Conduct interviews: interview experts and get their perspective on your industry.
  14. Make appearances on other shows: reciprocate interviews and offer to co-host on other podcasts.
  15. Make show notes: add in-depth, detailed show notes for each episode.
  16. Get the attention of the media: distribute press releases and Help A Reporter Out.
  17. Speak at events: give a presentation that exceeds expectations and your audience will grow like wildfire.
  18. Cross-promote: create ping-pong traffic between your media creations and other people who are doing the same thing.
  19. Submit your podcast to the major platforms and directories: make sure that your show is listed in all of the major distribution platforms and directories: iTunes, Zune, and BlackBerry. Consider uploading your audio to SoundCloud or re-purpose it for YouTube.
  20. Build your mailing list: your mailing list is made up of people that want to hear from you. Build your email list with opt-in offers and let them know when you have new content for them to check out.


Author: David Andrew Wiebe

David Andrew Wiebe has built an extensive career in songwriting, live performance, recording, session playing, production work, investing, and music instruction. In addition to helping musicians unlock their full potential, he also continues to maintain a touring schedule with multiple bands.