DAWCast: Music EntrepreneurshipIn this Back to Basics episode of DAWCast: Music Entrepreneurship, David Andrew Wiebe discusses the different forms of advertising and how musicians can benefit from the various advertising platforms and programs that are available.

Though advertising isn’t necessarily for everyone, musicians that want to put more tools in their marketing tool belt will likely understand its potential.


AdvertisingThere are many different forms of advertising, but we can basically break them down into two types:

  1. Free advertising
  2. Paid advertising

Musicians can pursue free advertising to their heart’s content, as long as they are not violating terms of use or doing something illegal. On the other hand, paid advertising can be costly. It can also be quite effective, but if you don’t have a significant budget to work with, it’s not a good idea to load all of your dreams onto an advertising vehicle.

Though labels and marketing agencies often use advertising to market music, many independent musicians do not. If you are looking for a competitive advantage, there is a chance that you will find it in

The challenge today is that most products and services today are marketed in order to solve an immediate problem or an urgent need (i.e. back pain). How do musicians position themselves to add value to the world in the same way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Author: David Andrew Wiebe

David Andrew Wiebe has built an extensive career in songwriting, live performance, recording, session playing, production work, investing, and music instruction. In addition to helping musicians unlock their full potential, he also continues to maintain a touring schedule with multiple bands.