DAWCast: Music EntrepreneurshipIn this Back to Basics episode of DAWCast: Music Entrepreneurship, David Andrew Wiebe discusses house concerts. Learn more about house concerts and what is attracting more and more artists to the medium.

House Concerts

House Concerts

Image: Chris Chin

As you can probably guess, house concerts are hosted in people’s homes. Some hosts are well-equipped to facilitate full-on electric concerts, and may even have a stage, a sound system, and other amenities. Others may be a little less outfitted, but still have an environment where intimate, acoustic concerts can be enjoyed. This largely depends on the home and its owner.

Because hosts of house concerts generally have a set of guidelines to follow in terms of payment as well as audience etiquette, they can be very rewarding experiences for performers. If you like playing to a paying and attentive crowd, house concerts are worth pursuing.

It’s becoming easier and easier to find websites for house concerts in a particular locality. You can use these websites to make it known that you are interested in performing in homes. Another way to book house shows is to engage your fans and ask them if they would be interested in hosting you.

Some artists book house concerts to supplement their touring schedule, while others build their tours entirely around house shows. There is no right or wrong answer here; you could try it both ways and see what you like more.

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